Homely AI Smart Thermostat

The Homely Smart controller is specifically designed to optimise heat pumps. It pairs with a mobile application which guarantees easy optimisation of heat pump performance.

It is imperative that you register as a Homely installer to get access to the installer app and support from the technical team at Evergreen.

It is currently compatible with Samsung and Midea heat pumps; further integrations are coming soon to enable your Homely to work alongside solar, battery storage, and EV charging.

Key Features:

  • Very simple installation process, with dedicated Installer app
  • Continuous flow-temperature optimisation to increase efficiency
  • Wireless Temperature Node that monitors in-home temperature and light intensity
  • Set different schedules for different days to suit homeowners’ needs and preferences
  • Optimise savings on heating bills by working with smart tariffs

Homely works differently with different heat pumps. Full information is on the Homely Website.
To work with a Samsung heat pump will also require a Samsung Modbus interface.

The Homely App

Homeowners can control Homely remotely, via the free smartphone app. Easy-to-use and very intuitive, the app gives a clear display of the heat pump’s current performance and enables fully customisable heating schedules.


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