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Tailored Renewable Energy Solutions for Every Homeowner

We recognise that each homeowner has unique requirements when it comes to renewable energy. While offering high-quality products is essential to a successful project, we understand that it’s not the only factor to consider.

That’s why we provide a diverse range of products designed to meet your specific needs. Our team is committed to delivering every service with a smile and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Our design and supply package solutions include

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Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS)

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme is a government initiative aimed at promoting energy efficiency by encouraging homeowners and small commercial properties to upgrade their old and inefficient boilers to newer, more environmentally friendly models. 

MCS Umbrella Scheme

Ultimate Renewables Supplies assumes full responsibility for the full scope of works, including the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the heat pump system.


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