Lo-Carbon Sentinel Kinetic High Flow

The Sentinel Kinetic Range Incorporates:

• A wholehouse heat recovery system with up to 94% energy efficiency

• An easily accessible heat recovery cell protected by two removable ISO 45% Coarse (G3) filters

• Two Lo-Carbon energy saving EC/DC fans which ensure long life (typically over double the life of AC motors) and lowest possible energy use

• Fully insulated construction with built-in condensation drain

The Lo-Carbon Sentinel Kinetic meets the latest requirements of the Building Regulations ADF and ADL for wholehouse system ventilation: Continuous mechanical supply and extract with heat recovery. The Lo-Carbon Sentinel Kinetic models have 3 fully adjustable speeds and a purge setting (maximum flow). Provided with the unit is a digital controller that can be used to preset the speeds to any required airflow within the performance range.

The Sentinel Kinetic High Flow benefits from the latest high efficiency, backward curved impeller design, ensuring the lowest possible energy consumption, and an exceptional performance range covering small one bed apartments to the largest of houses.

For scenarios where noise is a critical issue, an Acoustic Enclosure is available to reduce breakout noise and the Acoustic Top Box will reduce in-duct noise at key frequencies.

The integral humidity sensor increases speed in proportion to relative humidity levels, saving energy and reducing noise. The sensor also reacts to small but rapid increases in humidity, even if the normal trigger threshold is not reached. This unique feature ensures adequate ventilation, even for the smallest wet room. The night time relative humidity setback feature suppresses nuisance tripping as humidity gradually increases with falling temperature.

• Acoustic Enclosure option for reduced breakout noise

• Acoustic Top Box option for reduced in-duct noise

• Recognised in SAP PCDB

• 180mm/200mm spigots

• Horizontal duct option for space-saving installations

• High airflow, ideal for student accommodation clusters

• Unique folding filter for removal when access is restricted

• Integrated digital controller for simple and accurate commissioning

• Plug and play controls; Humidistat, Wireless Remote

• BMS connectivity

• LS inputs (Light Switch)

• Volt-free inputs


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